Compact Disc - Jazz Piano Trio music

Musical Services - Different music available for any type of occasion, weddings, restaurants, parties, etc.

Latin music, jazz, classical, danzas

Call James Fraschetti 787 615 4642

or Irving Cancel at 787 466 7036

Sheet Music

Desert Roses 2 - cd recording

My first recording in collaboration with the makers of Sting, The Police, The Bangles and many more, Miles Copeland. Sabu Rosado drafted a bunch of Puertorican powerhouse celebrities for this "SMASHING" success!!!!


Night, a piece I recorded by composer Bob Ritchie...available here!

Al Ancar Let It Flo - CD

Al Ancar's latest cd features recordings and arrangements from myself, originals! Please check them out

Sunday's Mood - Jazz Song

Song by Sammy Roca, bassist. James Fraschetti Keyboards, Geraldo Rivera guitar, Alex Iglesias Trombone. Mike on Drums

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