Lance Diamond at the Harbour River Cafe

by Lance Diamond & James Fraschetti

Released 2016
James Fraschetti
Released 2016
James Fraschetti
This recording was recorded using a CHEAP cassette tape to a boom the Harbour River Cafe in Buffalo New York's West Side in May, 1991. Lance Diamond vocals; James Fraschetti Keyboards; Robin Wilson drums; Tony Blasting bass; Bill Texido guitar.
This was Lance Diamond's most important year, as well as my own. He and the band won the Buffalo Music Awards for Best Front Man, and also Best Top-40 Band. Lance Diamond had already recorded for the Goo Goo Dolls on Warner/Metalblade. Some of Van Taylor's original instrumentals are on this album, and he was the one booking the Diamond Band. Many great memories includes a colleague of mine from SUNY Fredonia crying for me about all of my trying times in Buffalo as the band was beginning to take off, finally settling into the area as one of Buffalo's most outstanding band's in Buffalo's history, and the mark of my future as a performer on the keyboards!

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