The truth of this amazing detail in my life proves to be among the world's most important historical events EVER in the history of mankind...and should be mentioned here. First, in my mid-twenties on, I had some very outstanding record business contacts. I had been developing with several different black music groups and artists. That I had been developing my musical style to be in direct relationship with themselves created a need for diverse international music influence and learning. It developed out of my need as a composer to create a better flowing melodic statement in music with different drumming techniques, later to also develop my better drumming sequencer style. The Arabic Music fits in with just about every genre, popular, classical, jazz, r&b, soul. From Egyptian, Turkish, Iranian, and Arabian, it's rhythms and melodic forms serve as the foundation for all music for well over 1000 to 10,000 years, even more with where the beats are derived. The sounds of the instruments are so advanced for their years, that these are the most important in music history, are the prototypes for the instruments we use today. For example, the harp, invented in Iraq, is now still used, also became the santur, which is the foundation of the harpsicord as well as the piano! 

When I first settled in Puerto Rico, my friends whom had been working with me in different band and music writing projects, Bob and Priscilla Ritchie, invited me to learn some arabic music with them for some shows with the growing and talented Leyla Zahar, of Raks Habibi Belly Dance Ensemble. We did some television shows with a prerecording on a Fostex 8-track. We learned from such artists as Hakim and Amr Diab. I made some arrangements for Leyla, later the group added their instruments to my arrangements, with a dumbek and guitar, castenets and tambourines. We recorded these, then made our presentations with the bellydancers on Hello WAPA during the 12pm lunch hour. 

Later, it was spoken that the owners of El Amal Pharmacy (whom we played one show for) were in consideration of endorsing, paying us money, for our show! Come to find out, this owner had a fantastic reputation for hiring musicians, the pay as well as the frequency of occurences. Well, instead, I ended up playing most of the hotels of San Juan by myself, from April 1998 till July, 2001. Leyla also did shows, but without me, in different locations of the same hotels. During these shows, I met up with the illustrious and talented Sabu, whom invited me to make a recording with him of some Egyptian music that he bought directly from the composers. Our recording became a smash success!

After about 3 and a half years of playing in these hotels, I was fired from the Ponce Hilton after Sabu signed our recording with Miles Copeland, whom then was the manager for Sting. He is the son of a retired CIA official. Then, the Ponce Hilton told me they might take me back after August, but they didn't take me back by August for lack of tourists.

I started suspecting that there were sublimation techniques being employed in tourism and other businesses, that these were numerical techniques. That people were being replaced by people whose names had similar vowels, but were of different nationalities. I considered that 2 people I knew when I was driving my car, actually may have had the same vowels, and thereby had some control as to the business in my tourism district if San Juan. I stopped the car, at 3 AM, on the way home from a show in San Juan...I looked up the names and vowels of a chorister (Karolina Maria Cuevas) and the famous San Juan singer (Miguel Aldo Matta) that hired me...and ALAS, their vowels exactly matched, including their middle names. Also, my singer of San Juan, Al Ancar, was only short one vowel from these other two (Alvin Joseph Ancar)! Then I asked myself, "which building is this activity of vowel regulation happening?" I guessed in August 2011, that there was some building in New York regulating our business activity with these vowel studies. For example: Michel Camilo brings on Stevan Micheo. Also, the grandmother of my children, Delia Finch Mateo, is in close proximity. Also, there were advertisements on the WAPA station "FRESCHETTA" Pizza. while my name Fraschetti was prominent. James Rawie (of Coro Sinfonico de Puerto Rico) and James Fraschetti also is a match up. He no longer re4sides on this island, perhaps I took his franchise over to my musical abilities! Then, absolutely, Daisy Jimenez's vowels changed my a for her i vowel, also switching the attention to the recent Paoli Premio winner...Perhaps that some people's religions are for or against this, that arabian people, for example,  don't have settlements like this either, that their business could not be altered by these stratagies! Also Chinese!...that maybe I lost my hotel jobs to these evaluations. Chinese took these trade responsabilities in more after the Twin Towers incident.

Also, in August, the pressure was mounting over my need to pay my bills off, my student loans, and credit cards. It would become a legal issue until after these Twin Tower explosions changed the laws of our country, and relieved me much of the pressure of the bill hasslers. Could this be the "TRUE" reason for all of these calamities?

Sabu lined up a tour band that was to travel with the legendary Sting and some famous Arabic music stars, and we had been rehearsing right up until the weekend before September 11, 2001, ourselves being desperate for work after such a firing. Then the planes crashed in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Copeland's record with Sting Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms sold out right around this time. Our record, Desert Roses 2 "Yalla Habibi" being our track, was released immediately the following year, Febuary 2002! Both are landmark accomplishments in the musical field!

Our plans to go on on tour with Sting actually failed however, and our group failed to contract shows, so we disbanded. Sting had just quit the Miles Copeland development only months prior to the release of our record. Also, because of these series of recordings that Sabu had made for the girls to dance to, including Bellydance Superstars, Sabu confided in me of Leyla Zahar's reunion to his group and reaffirmation of their true and lasting friendship at the end of our recording business relationship!

That this (my) arabic music involvement with the HELLO WAPA Show is the "official" reason for the Twin Towers plane crashes in September 11, 2001 was confirmed by Army Specialist Intelligence Officer Pablo Alicea in the spring of 2003, whom was repairing my amplifier at the time, and who was not too well-informed of my involvements with Leyla Zahar and with Sabu Rosado and Yashira. He was told that El Amal paid for the planes to crash into the Twin Towers, according to Army Special Inntelligences. I actually confirmed to retired army officer that Leyla Zahar's friends and confidents, the El Amal Pharmacy owners, actually did not endorse her show with myself, nor were any arrangements or musicians being paid for by Sabu, according to the arrangers and even myself! That we had seperated as groups instead. These pharmacies El Amal actually went out of business about one month before to one month after Osama Bin Laden was shot to death in the summer of 2011! New pharmacies have sprung up recently, more Walgreens, and a new pharmacy chain, CVS. You could now find one on just about every corner of Ponce Puerto Rico! I do not have word yet about their music endorsements...

The exact history for myself about these Twin Towers. They were being built after I first moved to Governor's Island from New Orleans, Louisiana. I was 3 years old. I could actually see them across from the harbor in front of my house where we were stationed. My father, a United States Coastguardsman, had to go on a tour duty to the orient, including China. 

The problem comes in where these stories on CNN were contrived. The truth is that I had met an owner of a television studio. I only remember his name as Joshua. This video shows how this story of airplanes crashing into the twin towers may have been contrived by the military and press:

This video shows how these planes may have been our own military aircraft flying into these buildings, giving reference to how the CIA may have been using arabs as scapegoats for later destruction just to destroy MY career in the rock record business.

A man at one of my concerts...a charity event to be exact, showed me other dollar bills also containing these same hidden messages:

Another issue is whom was the Owner of the Twin Towers:

Larry Silverstein
May 30, 1931 (age 83)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish
Alma mater New York University(NYU)
Occupation Owner of Silverstein Properties

Larry A. Silverstein (born May 30, 1931) is an American businessman.[ Silverstein was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, in Brooklyn in 1931 into a Jewish family. In 1980, Silverstein won a bid from the Port Authority of New York and New Jerseyto construct 7 World Trade Center, to the north of the World Trade Center site. Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex, and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. In January 2001, Silverstein, via Silverstein Properties and Westfield America, made a $3.2 billion bid for the lease to the World Trade Center.[16]Silverstein was outbid by $30 million by Vornado Realty, with Boston Propertiesand Brookfield Properties also competing for the lease. However, Vornado withdrew and Silverstein's bid for the lease to the World Trade Center was accepted on July 24, 2001.[17] This was the first time in the building's 31-year history that the complex had changed management.

     I was fired by the Ponce Hilton in July of 2001.

World Trade Center Building 7 was 'pulled' - purposely demolished with explosives
Sequential Frames of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) being "Pulled" (purposely professionally demolished) 
Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that he
and the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives. The FEMA report sought to explain how the building collapsed but could only conclude:
“The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time.”

The insurance policies for World Trade Center buildings 1 WTC, 2 WTC, 4 WTC and 5 WTC had a collective face amount of $3.55 billion. Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, Silverstein sought to collect double the face amount (~$7.1 billion) on the basis that the two separate airplane strikes into two separate buildings constituted two occurrences within the meaning of the policies.The first trial resulted in a verdict on April 29, 2004, that 10 of the insurers in this group were subject to the "one occurrence" interpretation, so their liability was limited to the face value of those policies, and 3 insurers were added to the second trial group.[22][23] The jury was unable to reach a verdict on one insurer, Swiss Reinsurance, at that time, but did so several days later on May 3, 2004, finding that this company was also subject to the "one occurrence" interpretation.[24] Silverstein appealed the Swiss Re decision, but lost that appeal on October
19, 2006 
    The Swiss Reinsurance Company of Zurich was founded on 19 December 1863 by the Helvetia General Insurance Company (now using the trade name of Helvetia insurance) in St. Gallen, the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (Credit Suisse) in Zurich and the Basler Handelsbank (predecessor of UBS AG) bank in Basel. Credit Suisse Group is a Switzerland-based multinational financial services holding company, headquartered in Zürich, that operates the Credit Suisse Bank and other financial services investments.  In the year 2000, it added the U.S. investment firm Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette.
    In 1997 the Sands was purchased by Donaldson Lufkin & Jennrete’s (DLJ) Real Estate Capital Partners I (RECP I), which retained Flagship as operator and project manager for a major renovation of the property.

San Juan Grand Beach Resort And Casino

In 1996, RECP I acquired a controlling interest in the former Sands Hotel & Casino that had been under severe financial constraints for several years and was in need of a major physical renovation to remain competitive in the local market.

Recognizing that RECP needed a partner with local market expertise, RECP engaged Flagship Services Corporation to assist in the redesign and architectural modifications needed to upgrade the product under the name of San Juan Grand Beach Resort and Casino. Flagship had been actively involved in the evaluation of the financially troubled Sands Hotel & Casino since 1991 and was in large part responsible for enabling the hotel to remain competitive given the lack of available funds for a full renovation of the asset. RECP was introduced to the opportunity through Flagships’ senior managing members, Richard Abati and Rick Newman, and benefited from their direction during the acquisition of the property and thereafter.

RECP contracted Flagship to manage the comprehensive renovation and improvement of the property in 1996. In addition, RECP implemented a marketing and repositioning program geared toward promoting the property’s new image. As a result of the successful repositioning, the Hotel was included in the Resorts and Great Hotels publication, Millennium Edition.


 Me and Sabu met recently, we are great friends sharing families and time. Everything is ok. He is still performing shows and bellydance workshops.

The History of My Business at the San Juan Grand Beach Resort and Casino
         Flagship Services Corporation was established in1986 by Richard E. Abati, an experienced hospitality professional. The firm operated as an independent hotel development and operating company in Texas, taking on projects for the Resolution Trust Corporation in numerous states, as well as projects for private entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico.
   Abati brought to Flaship Services the expertise acquired as a senior executive for American Airlines’ Flagship Hotels subsidiary, later renamed Americana Hotels, Inc. He was instrumental in the financial turnaround of several Americana Hotel properties (including the Americana San Juan) in the early 1970’s.
     In 1991, Richard Abati, teamed up with Rick Newman and, together with Flagship, took on the reengineering of the financially-troubled Sands Hotel & Casino in Isla Verde, a tourist area of San Juan in Puerto Rico.  Through their efforts, the Sands became one of the strongest competitors in the market 
     In 1996, RECP I acquired a controlling interest in the former Sands Hotel & Casino that had been under severe financial constraints for several years and was in need of a major physical renovation to remain competitive in the local market. RECP was introduced to the opportunity through Flagships’ senior managing members, Richard Abati and Rick Newman, and benefited from their direction during the acquisition of the property and thereafter. RECP contracted Flagship to manage the comprehensive renovation and improvement of the property in 1996. In addition, RECP implemented a marketing and repositioning program geared toward promoting the property’s new image. As a result of the successful repositioning, the Hotel was included in the Resorts and Great Hotels publication, Millennium Edition
     In 1997 the Sands was purchased by Donaldson Lufkin & Jennrete’s (DLJ) Real Estate Capital Partners I (RECP I), which retained Flagship as operator and project manager for a major renovation of the property. Flagship further strengthened the property’s position, developing it into a financial success. In 2000, having reached its targeted financial objective, the property was sold to the InterContinental Hotels Group.
     Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette or DLJ was a U.S. investment bank founded by William H. Donaldson, Richard Jenrette and Dan Lufkin in 1959. Taking the helm of DLJ in 1973, Jenrette successfully shepherded the firm through a recession and a later sale to worldwide insurance leader, The Equitable,[2]where he served as Chairman and CEO from 1990 until 1996. The firm was headquartered at 277 Park Avenue in New York, New York and employed about 11,300 people as of July 2000. Donald, Lufkin & Jenrette was acquired in August 2000. DLJ, (which was majority owned by The Equitable (now known as (AXA Financial), announced on August 30, 2002 that it was being acquired by Credit Suisse First Boston for $11.5 Billion. 
William H. Donaldson
27th Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
In office
February 18, 2003 – June 2005
     Credit Suisse continues to use the DLJ acronym for certain business units, in areas such as private equity, real estate capital, and merchant banking. DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, a private equity firm that focuses on leveraged buyouts, was spun off from Credit Suisse in March 2014. It continues to use the DLJ acronym. Credit Suisse First Boston's acquisition of DLJ closed in November 2000 with a purchase price of approximately $11.5 billion. Credit Suisse still uses the DLJ brand for its private equity operations, including DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners. DLJ Investment Partners and DLJ Merchant Banking Partners both spun off as separate companies in 2013 and 2014 (respectively), yet both retain the 'DLJ' in their corporate names.
     The company restructured itself in 2002, 2004 and 2006. It was one of the least affected banks during the global financial crisis, but afterwards began shrinking its investment business, executing layoffs and cutting costs. During the period between 2008 and 2012, Germany, Brazil, and the United States began a series of investigations into the use of Credit Suisse accounts for tax evasion. In May 2014, the company pleaded guilty to decades of conspiring to help US citizens "hide their wealth" in order to avoid taxes, and agreed to pay $2.6 billion in fines.
On May 1, 2014 the stock exchange was fined $4.5 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges it violated market rules.[22]
The NYSE has been the subject of several lawsuits regarding fraud or breach of duty[9][10] and was sued by its former CEO for breach of contract and defamation.[11]
----------------------------                DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners Inc.  .
Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010 Phone: 212-538-7118
Founded in 2010
Key Executives for DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners LLC
Mr. Andrew P. Rifkin Managing Partner Age: 53 
Mr. Andrew P. Rifkin is the Managing Partner at DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners LLC. He leads the New York office of DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners (RECP) and is responsible for the acquisition efforts of RECP. He is a Managing Director at Credit Suisse Private Equity, LLC. Mr. Rifkin served as a Director of Anthracite Capital, Inc. Credit Suisse First Boston acquired Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in 2000, where he was a Managing Director. Prior to joining DLJ in 1995, Mr. Rifkin was a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. in the Real Estate Principal Investment Area, where his responsibilities included asset management for various Whitehall portfolios. Mr. Rifkin received an M.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University and graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Binghamton with a B.S. in Mathematics. 
Corporate Headquarters Eleven Madison Avenue New York, New York 10010-3629
Phone: 212-325-2000
Fax: 212-325-6665  
Ms. Carla Giannini Managing Director and Head 
Mr. John Lien Managing Director 
     Mr. John Lien serves as the Managing Director at DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners LLC. Mr. Lien is responsible for leading Credit Suisse's private equity real estate investments in Greater China. Previously, he has served as a Vice President at Lehman Brothers (5 years) and as General Manager-Special Projects at Henderson Land's China Group. Since arriving in China in 1993, he has underwritten and managed over US$ 2.5 billion of real estate transactions in the Greater ... China area. He serves as a Director of Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited and Credit Suisse Principal Investments Limited (Tokyo Branch). He speaks Chinese, English, Japanese and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Minnan dialects. Mr. Lien obtained his M.B.A. from Columbia University.
Corporate Headquarters:
Eleven Madison Avenue New York, New York 10010
Phone: 212-538-7118
Biographical References...,_Lufkin_%26_Jenrette


This is a partial list of the piano repertory that I have performed in public:

Liebestraum Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody Liszt
Fur Elise Beethoven
Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
Appasionata Beethoven
Waldstein Beethoven
Oous 2 no.1 Beethoven
Pathetique Beethoven
Reverie Debussy
Clair de Lune Debussy
Preludes Debussy
Tango Albeniz
Malagueno Albeniz
Sonata Haydn
Prelude G minor Chopin
Minute Waltz Chopin
Inventions Bach
Preludes and Fugues Bach
Entertainer Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag Joplin
Vingt Regards Messaien
Prelude Messaien
Kinderscenen Schumann
Puertorican Danzas
Turkish March Mozart
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Mozart
Sonata A Major Mozart
Sonata D Major Mozart

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.1

Rachmaninov Prelude

No joke word: ILLUSIONATI . It's those characters whom THINK they are "illuminati" that you would have an "illusion" about. Sure, go ahead, think of one...that's her! (Or him). The one with the fake Hollywood Glitter. They usually have stars in their eyes over what they spoke about in the barroom! So, think of it, memorize it to your literature. 

My first memories are crucial because, as I research my business as an adult in my 20's and 30', I find that telepathy between important men of my country and myself was FACT, and psychologically important in the interplay of American Culture of the early 80's through the 90's. 

    My first actual "date" with one of these is that ABC television sign flashed to my mind with the statement "The world is going to revolve around yourself (myself)". This was in my kindergarten class on Governor's Island, the island military base (Coast Guard and others) in the harbor of New York City. The government offices were over to the other side of the baseball diamonds...and I could already see the construction of the Twin Towers across in Brooklyn, a really exciting development that I recognized.

     On this base, at 3-6 years of age, I was very attracted to women, especially in mini-skirts. I was having littlek behavior problems when I was 3. When I was in Kindergarten, I used to walk a blond-haired girl home from school. i really believe that someone cwas watching me from those offices...planning my "life's career" around this experience, is the reason for the sublimation techniques that led my way to the merengue singer, Daisy Jimenez, whom used to where a wig that attracted my attention about her the first time.

Now, I just came up with a new word...accurately describing the exact action. And I want you'all to remember it when I use is EXACTlY what I mean. Like PRAY is to it will be PLAY is to PLEY. OK? Got it?

P L E Y, pleying. Like PLEYING the piano, rather than PLAYING the piano, or video games for fun. Like the other is only to PLEY, PLEYING, means getting it's PREY. Got it??? Good! Add that to your nomenclature!!!

In th field of religion, it should be noted the word FOR instead of the word OF, this much is true for me:





That Ron Hubbard influences managers the best (and maybe the most in today's business world) needs to be interrupted as that management is a craft, not a profession, and that Ron Hubbard claims to be the Buddha. So it fits the same. Also alot of Hinduism is actually Buddhist philosophy.

Jews play a particular role here, in that Christians and Jews share some of the same Bible. The fact is, is that the Jews only miss that important part, actually alot of complaints about their pay, how they treat arabs. Their music is known as strange and uncommercial, uncompromising in many academic institutions.

The idea of doctors won't go unnoted. While they are unseemingly called PROFESSIONALS, lots of surgeons and doctors sort of create a new body, making them a sort of "CRAFTSMAN", but actually, they are often selling a pill or a thing, making them a "MERCHANT". They often like to live as appropriate BRAHMIN caste. Many Krishna laws are devoted to the health and physique of the body as well.

Roman Catholic, and other catholic priests should be mentioned here as falling into somewhat of the same as Brahmin, in that they also are federal and state government functionaries. They don't just serve a dinner show. In fact, government employees should fall into that category. Always they will have safe the finer values of life if the government is managing their people properly.

All of this information could be evaluated to indoctrinate the state...for example; here in Puerto Rico, we have many outstanding professionals here, BUT the attempts to create new factories, hand craft jobs, are thwarted by christian revolutionaries. Their concern for the morals cuts off the need for employment. Also, there needs to develop professionalism in those matters of business as needed in factory work. The need for understanding of Buddhist concepts needs to form in the state senate and congress, and needs to be taught in schools for higher concepts of growth in that way. Look how China has grown!

The general understanding of CASTE SYSTEM needs to be better understood.

The point I am trying to stress here is TOLERANCE of the other religion's objective. If you fail this, you will break the chain in castes that would bring us to success in any society. This is why foreigners are welcome, to bring peace, wealth, and commerce to a growing society.

The chain I'm recognizing here is this:

professional-craftsman-merchant-preist or military

Military guards the professional, and harbors the craftsman. Priests also do this work in their church. Alot of military work is regarded as "craft". Merchants however are not regarded the same by these military coups, and find themselves busted up over what is not regarded as "work". However, the good merchant whom knows his crafts should remain in high priority in the public, as those craftsmen whom know their professions and trades thoroughly.

 How I know about this myself is from two very completely different venues that I have played in:

The hotels, and the concert stages.

Now most would agree, the better venue would be the concert stage, of course.

But take a look at the hotels first. The bartender, and barmaid, those would be the professionals. The musicians, the craftsmen, both in live or recordings performed on the premises. The managers are in regard something like a craftsman/merchant, BUT REAL MERCHANTS come in to sit and have a drink. Also, other types of "professionals", doctors, conventions and the like are in there, maybe noone speaks to the other type while in there. The problem rolls in that the military, veteran's administration, and other government groups to come in and "crash " these parties. Noone member knew the other too good. Many of them complete strangers to one another while working together. Don't forget the women in the back doing the laundry service...would those clessify as professionals?

 To confuse a record business promoter and a general manager of a hotel as merchants would be a major catastrophy, as that both, while deemed"professional" both are merchants of their businesses. There is no place for the people to stay when they are done with the concert. The hotel is only buying for that, at a short term leasing only!!!!!! Make very certain of Krishna constraint here involving that you BUSINESS is better to be seperate from your HOUSE.

SO... confusing a hotel musician as having a recording for sale would also be a catastrophy, as that hotels musicians are bar musicians, like a bartender are professionals for sure. The recording studio is the craft, where the CRAFTSMEN are. The musician owning one of these "Studios" with a computer in it is false in Krishna concience, because this computer is a household appliance. Which while taking it from the military does not offer the military the merchandising well. Real recording studios do not fit in a normal house, belong on the street in a commercial district, where the merchant does not view and evaluate your living quarters.

The concert stage putting mere professionals on the stage; bar musicians, or worse yet, college professional, would be putting mere cowards in the face of real military and merchandising enterprises. Rock had some real craftsmen, so did jazz. They fought hard on the streets to make ends meet...meeting real merchants to know WHAT to put up for sale in the record stores. The concert stage did a magnificent job of bringing their reality to light, which brought the money seperate places from that establishment. Other professionals of the stage...lights, camera crews, soundmen, know their musicians better, go on the road together, and handle each other's complaints, while taking into account each other's status of caste (purpose) into account.

Professionals DO NOT own the premises they are working in. It should be owned by the merchant. The owner of the Empress Hotel is one sad case. He LIVED in his hotel, his ownership. When he came downstairs from his bedroom, his"residence", he "became" the "General Manager". He was sued for papers, including music licence. He forthwith had to give up the franchise to two amazing celebrities, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez. These two had remarkable careers inside REAL recording facilities. Just the mere understanding of what is the order in how things should operate will give you more and more status in caste as time goes on. For owner of a place should NEVER be in communication with a professional. That should be handled with executives in charge under the owner.

Arabs are thriving merchants also because their music craft is very durable, useful in many occasions, styles of musicianship, and teaches respect and conformity amongst players. Classical music teaches how to manipulate the instrument, and dwells in the halls of academies. This teaches that a craft exists, but technologoies have surpasssed and usurped the identities of these ancient beings. There is a known gap between the piano and the commercial world. That while we know of it's existence, has stories of leaving it's players in extraordinary difficult circumstances, and rewards for the mere accomplishment of it. It is not for the mere professional, but rather dwells on the premise of craft leading to a cultural accomplishment from a stationary setting. Synthesizers do this, but also travel well. Pianists on the road don't always have the best reputations, but if you knew what it would take to put one out on the road...that would be extraordinary indeed!

I was at one time an Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo from Jan tthrough April 1990. I was not trained for this job, and the pay was exceedingly low. However, the facts of this employment, and the informations that I received and studied, became an overwhelming issue of the entire Eastern United States, in both the television, record business, and press.

It started out that while I was on staff (since 1988), I was practicing a technique called "Dianetics", which I eventually became very good at. Actually, I reassembled the central files, and later was a Public Contact Secretary. The next year, I was flown to Los Angeles, Hollywood, California to the Guarantee Building where Charlie Chaplin had his office. We were the first on the planet to study a technique called "Professional Training Routines". While I was doing this, we were housed in a place called ASHO, where I found a spinet piano near some elderly ladies were working. They enjoyed my improvizations, and I recovered a Bach French Suite by memory...a rather difficult thing to memorize actually!

When we finished after christmas time, I really wasn't complete in my studies to be a "Courseroom Supervisor", because we had to finish a "high crime check list" which was determined to be where they chose to send me for a few weeks...Guadalajara Mexico. I was greeted by a very nice entourage, including some very nice ladies; one whom continued to write me letters in Buffalo, and one whom was cught french kissing me in her security checkout, that she was a "Sea Org Staff"!

After 3 weeks, I returned to a very cold, blustery Buffalo, NY, and in 45 minutes, they asked me to fill in as Executive Director, the highest, or 2nd ranking in the church depending on the org structure. I accepted, with the understanding that I would continue with my outside employments as musician, church musician and choral director around the area. This I succeeded very well for a few months, then an acquaintance from LA decided I should quit my musical services, which I turned down to do. This was the reason I was flown back to NYC, and I was kicked out of the church as a "Suppressive Person", a label they give to their worst enemies, stipulating that I would not receive any more services from the church!

I was kicked out of the church because I determined to continue to be a musician, in venues and churches of the area, after having signed their Staff Contract, called a Covenant. After I was kicked out, friends of this Church of Scientology helped me to achieve outstanding fame as a musical artist, and my playing was featured in outstanding locations on television, and many clubs and stages of Buffalo Western NY area, and the Southeast United States areas, as well as the entire island of Puerto Rico. The arguments seemed to confuse the issues in those times, that some other religious people and idealists had confusions as to what was happening in Scientology, and the beliefs that this church had promoted and practiced. Never I was able to explain or over-substantiate these values. Only that I myself understand what I know, and this is not always the issue that these members of society dwell upon. While my dealings with the church seemed haphazard to those knowing ourselves at the time, most of these erroneous dealings were superceded by the fact that actually, according to it's statistics, I did an outstanding job in the Church of Scientology of Buffalo for the 2 years that I was on staff, and the 3 months of my interim as Executive Director. And for that position, I actually needed to become a MINISTER of the church. No, I never had or developed these qualifications.

The truth is, is that Joan Gambino, and ONLY Joan Gambino, kicked me out of the church for one year and a half, falsley accusing me of being a "Suppresive Person" for the mere fact that I decided to stick with my career as a professional musician. This paper never appered, it was all rumor only spreading false propaganda by one whom does not have a great statistical result as myself during that time. The truth of that matter was that NEVER I was declared, and I do receive and help the ITO Church of Scientology in Los Angeles with reports and short breifings. Also I am taking some courses that do resolve some of the confusions involving Scientology and how it could work. This is true today after 24 years from those incidents! No...I am not actually a member of this church currently, that I am too involved with other church matters. I am an Episcopal Church organist. But always we deal on good terms these years!

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